Os 5 Elementos de Sucesso para a IA desenvolvida na Europa

Founder of Ms. AI and former global leader at Google and Microsoft, Nancy Nemes is a tech trendsetter and a hands-on leader with 20 years of global experience in high tech across Europe, USA, Canada and South America.

She is the founder of Ms. AI, an international platform that supports women to participate, grow and win in the space of Artificial Intelligence. As 600 million adolescent girls will enter the global workforce in the next decade, Nancy feels a strong calling to support girls and women to develop relevant skills so they can shape a glorious future for themselves and their co-humans in the automation era.

Until October 2018, Nancy has served as General Manager Hardware Sales and Partnerships at Google, covering the regions DACH and Benelux. In this role, she helped establish a key strategic area for Google, growing and developing an amazing team and bringing revolutionary products to market such as Pixel, a smartphone powered by Artificial Intelligence, or the voice recognition device Google Home, based on the Google Assistant.

Prior to that, Nancy spent 15 years at Microsoft leading up IOT in its early days, Digital & Consumer Marketing, Business Development and Sales for various products and services.

During her career, she was distinguished with various awards, of which one she is particularly proud of is related to a paper written for Bill Gates’ Think Week initiative. In recent years, Nancy has pioneered, implemented and optimized the impact of mobile, digital, and social aiming at enriching people lives through smart connected devices and services.

She also serves as keynote speaker at international conferences on the subjects of connected life in the 21st century, the impact of new technologies on various demographics, and how the attitudes, expectations and perspectives of Generation Z and Generation Alpha will re-shape marketing, branding and sales.

Nancy is also an investor in high tech companies and a mentor for early stage startups. Over the next years, Nancy hopes to make a significant leap in helping millions of female users understand and use Artificial Intelligence to benefit their personal and professional lives. Her goal is to help women be the winners of the digital era.

Since 1990, Nancy is involved in charitable activities benefiting her native country Romania, with a focus on supporting Children, Pets and Hospices.

Nancy speaks fluently six languages and loves dogs.

Neste video de 16 minutos, falado em inglês e legendado em português, Nancy Nemes discorre sobre inteligência artificial

Acesse o video através deste link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7bhD5Acor4&t=19s&ab_channel=EWMSBRASIL